Couple 'over the moon' after missing dog is found - 50 miles away!

By Caleb Spencer in Local People

A LLANRHYSTUD couple were “over the moon” but slightly confused after their pet dog was found 24 hours after he went missing — over 50 miles away in Llanelli.

Piglet, a two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier-border collie cross, went missing at around 5pm on Tuesday, 25 July, while he was staying with 25-year-old Silk Younger’s parents at Penrhos, Llanrhystud.

After returning after a day out to pick their beloved dog up at around 6.30pm, Silk and her 34-year-old boyfriend Paul Brown discovered to their horror that he had gone missing.

“What we reckon happened is he probably got bored and thought ‘stuff this, I’m off’,” said Paul, who described Piglet as being “like our little son”.

But after searching through the night and the next day, Silk and Paul were facing the prospect of never finding Piglet.

However, they were rewarded for having Piglet chipped after receiving a phone call from a vet saying their dog had been found safe and well.

Despite their relief that Piglet had been found, the couple were surprised when the vet told them that Piglet was more than 50 miles away in Llanelli, south Wales.

“He must have been trying to go home and a lorry driver must have seen him on the road and picked him up,” added Paul, who works at Cambrian Printers.

“Instead of dropping him into the [golf] club house, he decided to take him back to Llanelli and dropped him at a vets there."

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