Delight as three osprey eggs hatch at nature reserve

By Caleb Spencer in Environment

VOLUNTEERS, visitors and staff at the Dyfi Osprey Project have been treated to the hatching of a hat-trick of osprey eggs.

Monty and Glesni, the two ruling adult ospreys at the centre, which sits in the Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve on the A487 between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth, have seen their third and final egg hatch, five days after the first of their clutch made its way into the world.

At 12.45pm on Sunday, 21 May, after volunteers had spent all night waiting for the chick to emerge from a crack which was spotted the previous evening, ‘Bob 1’ took his first glimpse of the world.

“A wonderful feeling of both elation and relief travelled across the reserve as the news of his hatching spread; the 2017 season was well and truly underway,” said Karis Hodgson, a people engagement and biological recording officer at the project.

“During his six previous breeding seasons on the Dyfi, Monty sired fifteen chicks to the point of hatching. In this, his seventh breeding year, Bob 1 had taken his total chick count up to 16.”

Volunteers and staff then turned their attention to the second-oldest egg, and leaving it late in the day, at 11.12pm on Monday, 22 May, ‘Bob 2’ hatched.

Miss Hodgson added: “Long after most people had left, and to the delight of the night-time egg watch volunteers, Bob 2 had hatched.

“Though it is unusual for ospreys to hatch at night, it is not a particularly rare occurrence; several hatchings have taken place under the cover of darkness on the Dyfi over the years.

“When daylight broke we were able to get a proper look at the new arrival, and at 6.06am Bob 2 had his first feed.”

The wait was on for the third and final egg to hatch.

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