Six-week-old otter cub hand-reared back to health

By Mike Lewis in Environment

AN unwell otter cub, rescued by RSPCA Cymru in Llandysul, was hand-reared by an officer from the charity as part of her remarkable recovery process.

The six-week-old cub was rescued “in a very weak and lethargic state” by RSPCA animal collection officer Ellie West in the village of Penrhiwllan on 15 January.

The otter, which weighed only 919g when found, was subsequently fed through a syringe and hand-reared by the RSPCA officer as part of her immediate rehabilitation.

She was then transferred to accommodation within a rehabilitation unit, held by a local badger group, and given a larger pen to continue her recovery.

At this new location, ACO West continued to provide care, meals and support to the otter.

The cub is now to be transferred to a specialist wildlife centre, at which it is estimated she will be further rehabilitated for between 12 and 18 months, before being returned to the wild.

“It was really touch and go for this poor otter cub, which was in a desperately sorry state when I rescued her,” said ACO West.

“So much energy and emotion has gone into helping and rehabilitating her, and - thankfully – she responded well to being hand-reared.

“Her recovery will now continue at one of our specialist wildlife centres.

“It is hoped we will be able to return her to where she belongs - the wild - some time in 2018, which would mark an amazing turnaround from when I first rescued her in Llandysul.”

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