‘Immigrants are beyond doubt good for economy,’ says AM

By Antony Gedge in Politics

A MID and West Wales regional Assembly Member has said claims that immigrants cost the UK more than they contribute must be countered with facts, as she gave a speech on whether Brexit could produce any positive outcomes.

Eluned Morgan, a former Wales MEP, gave a St David’s Day speech at Aberystwyth University on Brexit and whether it can provide any positive outcomes, and said one of the early concerns was the belief that immigrants cost the UK economy instead of providing a benefit.

She said: “Thousands of EU migrants are fundamental to the economy of Wales in particular in sectors such as hospitality and many of our social and health services.

“They are beyond doubt net contributors to the economy, the fact is that migrants in Wales contribute far more than they take out.

“I have received information from the First Minister in Wales who has confirmed that less than 1.5 per cent of EU migrants in Wales were in receipt of benefits numbering no more than 2,800 people. Fewer than the population of Llandyfri.

“Despite this, I believe that we need to listen to people’s concerns and introduce a controlled immigration system which would give preference to those with the skills that the country require.”

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